Looking at Data from 6 different hats!

Looking at Data from 6 different hats!
Most of you would have heard of De Bono’s 6 thinking hats principle which is a simple, effective parallel thinking process that helps people be more productive, focused, and mindfully involved. It is a powerful tool set, in that it helps each one of us understand the default attitude we bring to the table and also a way to change our attitude/outlook by wearing a different hat. If you need more details on this please look up http://www.debonogroup.com/six_thinking_hats.php

While data and analytics have been around a while, many a times companies and leaders tend to look at data with a certain attitude towards investing in this area. There are the leaders who are very wary of investing any resources (or maybe limited) because they are acutely aware of the risks (black hat). There are some who are so euphoric about this whole new data management tool revolution that they tend to ignore many risks involved in such a tool based approach (yellow hat). Some companies get the whole concept but struggle with the process to implement effective system that captures, stores, analyses and creates intelligence (green hat). Some leaders aren’t even sure why they want a data management tool or a data analyst team as they are unable to tie the benefits back to their goals & strategies (blue hat). Some of the smaller companies or traditional family owned companies have always relied on their gut instinct and they will not take a plunge unless their feelings about it are right (red hat). Leaders who are on the path with least resistance to this initiative are those who are already looking at what data their systems are creating, what can be analysed and what intelligence can be extracted that ties back to their business benefits (white hat).

While none of these attitudes or perceptions are wrong they only represent one way of looking at this vast new space. Leaders and company owners can benefit a lot by trying on different hats and looking at this from different vantage points before making a decision about investing resources to data & analytics.

We at Mobilise are able to analyse your requirements from all vantage points and give you recommendations that will add value to your business. We will not only recommend the right tool, we will also look at your processes, organization goals, risks involved and the benefits your company will derive with the right level of investment and focus. Want to know more about how effective data management and analytics can fundamentally change your business? Give us a call or drop a line and we can chat more.

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