Surprisingly print continues to grow in India – MQR

May 2017 Data: India is bucking the international trend where print circulation is on the decline, losing out to digital. Country growing on both circulation and no of publications North shows the highest y-o-y growth at 7.83% Multiple reasons driving growth of paid circulation Growth in literacy Easy availability Cheapest sources of news Written word…

We have Unicorns at Mobilise

No, we weren’t sharing fairy tales during this Monday’s status. Although statuses mostly are… there’s some truth there. We were, instead trying to pinpoint just how we ended with an A-Team of sorts – muggles with serious wizardry and mad skills. Look, everyone – from Startups to NSE-listed big boys – is constantly on the…

Looking at Data from 6 different hats!

Looking at Data from 6 different hats! Most of you would have heard of De Bono’s 6 thinking hats principle which is a simple, effective parallel thinking process that helps people be more productive, focused, and mindfully involved. It is a powerful tool set, in that it helps each one of us understand the default…

Peeling away the layers of Marketing Analytics

Peeling away the layers of Marketing Analytics Marketing Analytics has traditionally been associated with online analytics and most strategies have revolved around SEO, website traffic management, hits to conversion ratios etc. but this field has been constantly evolving and growing. What we need today is a MarTech solution that not only measures your online efficiency…

Hope is not a strategy

Actions has outcomes – Hope Doesn’t. We all hope that someday our miseries of life is going to end, some miracle would happen on its own and we will be sorted. Unfortunately, God helps those who help themselves. I am not suggesting that we take hope away from people, as it offers the emotional comfort…

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Two new clients join our roster, and we couldn't be more excited!
Hello, Aditya Birla Payments Bank & Planet Fashion! #BFSI #Retail #Fashion
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in case you wondered where the terms upper and lower case come from.

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