We have Unicorns at Mobilise

No, we weren’t sharing fairy tales during this Monday’s status. Although statuses mostly are… there’s some truth there. We were, instead trying to pinpoint just how we ended with an A-Team of sorts – muggles with serious wizardry and mad skills.

Look, everyone – from Startups to NSE-listed big boys – is constantly on the lookout for this so-called “A-Team” . The problem (we figured), is that they are all trying hard to play it by the book. Let’s throw that out of the window for a second, and consider the rationale we use over here. If some of it doesn’t makes sense, talk to us. Explanations here will unnecessarily add to the word count.

Statutory warnings first – Attempt under adult supervision. Do not try this at home.

1. Hire someone smarter than you are. No exceptions.

2. Spend the 3rd minute only with people who share one life story of how they went all out after something. A time that scared the hell out of them.

3. Smell subservience, open the exit door.

4. Advertising/ Marketing lacks people who can listen. Look at our own “Great Leader(s)” :-/ Survive our reverse interview and manage to add valid PoVs and see us brew more coffee.

5. Finally, we believe that one’s past, warts and all, reveals a lot about what one can expect in the future. This is where we want people to talk about themselves – not just the medals, but life per se. School, family, struggles, joys et al. Our favourite so far – someone who gave up an opportunity at BARC to join Infosys because the father believed remuneration was bigger than opportunity. Yes, such things do happen. The alma mater matters. Peers & friends matter. Family/growing years matter. Failures matter – A LOT… and only a notch below your dreams, that matter the most to us.

Although, must add – we frequently come across people who don’t have their dreams or goals charted out. And we love them, for they have no invisible blinkers on. We believe that as long as one is uncomfortable or unsettled in their heads, they are open to doing something about it. And we’d love to somehow become or create that opportunity.

This is how we find our Unicorns.

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